IGCA 2022

The Dutch Garden Industry welcomes you to IGCA 2022.

Between August, 28th and Friday, the 2nd of September you will get the chance to visit the best & finest garden centres of the Netherlands. From our hotel near the centre of the vibrant city of Amsterdam, we're going to show you the best garden centres & nurseries in our country. Learn how your Dutch colleagues are using innovation to have a better, more successful and sustainable garden centre. 

Flower Auction visit

The fact that the world’s largest flower auction is located in Aalsmeer is well known. All the action accredited to the Royal FloraHolland takes place on the Legmeerdijk. A visit to the flower auction in Aalsmeer, may mean getting up early, but guarantees a unique experience in a totally different world. Early birds visiting the IGCA 2022 Congress will get a chance to visit the flower auction!

Garden centres

During the 2022 Congress, we're going to take you to some of the best garden centres in the Netherlands. Big ones, like Intratuin Barneveld. Smaller ones like Vechtweelde and grower/nursery Huiting and brand new ones, like De Bosrand. We want to inspire you and help you to take home as much as you want by showing you a variety of garden centres throughout the week.

During the IGCA 2022 Congress you can use the brand new IGCA app to stay in touch with other delegates. Share images, comments and ideas via the app. Participate in polls, quizzes and give comments on other in-app posts. We will also keep you up to date on your personal inbox.

The app will be available in March 2022 for free on iOS and Android.