Day 2 – Monday, August 29th

Innovation & Online

On this very first day of visiting garden centers we will be driving towards the east of the country. While doing so we first make a stop in the Centre of the Netherlands where we will be visiting 2 very nice family-owned garden centres which both quite work differently. Our third stop will be one of the bigger and always really inspiring Intratuin shops and we conclude our day with a visit to the biggest Intratuin existing square meter wise after that we will be visiting a very nice Dutch Garden Centre supplier where there will be a presentation on the subject of online marketing. Here we will also conclude our day with dinner before driving back to Amsterdam. 

8.00 Presentation

Let's kick-off the day with some useful insights about the online garden industry presented by GFK. The second part of this session will be hosted by Intratuin who will give an insight in their online strategy.

9.30 Departure from hotel

10.00 Tuincentrum Vechtweelde / Tuincentrum Huiting (split)

Garden Centre Huiting was established in 1961. Nowadays the second and third generation works in the garden centre. They have a broad assortment of garden plants, trees, house plants, fertilizers and pesticides and decorations. People really visit Huiting for the experience. 

Nearby Huiting we will visit Vechtweelde. Tuincentrum Vechtweelde started as a tree nursery near the river ‘Vecht’. In 1975 the old nursery was taken over by Herman & Gerrie Kral and over time expanded into a garden centre without a nursery. 


13.30 Tuincentrum Abbing (incl. lunch)

Abbing Buitenhof is the oldest garden centre in our IGCA tour and maybe even in the Netherlands. It is established in 1892. Later he started a shipping company of plants. One of the first in the Netherlands. In this way, Abbing made a name for himself throughout the country. Customers also came to Zeist to pick up their ordered plants. Of course, this was only possible on Saturdays. Garden centres did not yet exist.

As it comes to sustainability they have implemented water collection, a heat pump, and electric car charging facilities, but also are busy with the development of a circular climate square. Artificial fertilizers are already out of the assortment for more than 20 years.

Departure at 15.15

15.45 Intratuin Barneveld (incl. coffee break)

It all started with Ton Uljee who opened garden centre Barneveld in 1980. In 1989 they joined the Intratuin franchise. At this moment the second generation leads this garden centre with 9.200 m2 inside space and 2.000 m2 for outdoor plants. The most important articles are indoor- and outdoor plants combined with a wide & deep assortment of different hardware. A lot of attention for customers gives us a relatively high turnover per m2. That in turn makes the store very dynamic. The most frequently heard compliments? Spacious, cozy and very friendly staff! Our store is perceived as "feminine". 

Departure at 17:15

17.45 Schoneveld Breeding (incl. dinner)

Schoneveld Breeding was established in 1930 and specialises in breeding cold-loving pot plants such as Cyclamen, Primula, Ranunculus and Campanula. Our company has grown into a major player. In addition to our more than 180 employees at our location in Wilp, the Netherlands, depending on the season, some 150 employees work at our production location in Tanzania. Strong genetics, sharing expertise and constant innovation are the foundations of our company’s success.

Departure at 20:45

21.45 Back at the hotel

After arriving at the hotel, you can look back at the first day of the IGCA Congress in the hotel bar. 

Being in Amsterdam, you can't afford not having a fresh Heineken before going to bed!