Day 3 – Tuesday, August 30

8.00 Presentation Mud Jeans

9.00 Departure from hotel

10.30 ELHO (incl. coffee break)

ELHO will give us a presentation about sustainability and how they make recyclable products. 

Departure at 12.15

13.00 Tuincentrum Coppelmans Nuenen (incl. lunch)

Garden Center Coppelmans Nuenen started in 1977. From a nursery where bedding plants were grown, it has been a complete garden centre since the early 1990s. Until 2018, the garden centre was relocated to another spot. The current garden centre is three times as large, partly due to its current size, the large cosy restaurant and all kinds of entertainment options for children, they have a more recreational function. They distinguish themselves in particular in the field of plants, animals, home decoration and Christmas. 

Departure at 14.45

15.45 Tuincentrum Daniels & Tuincentrum Schmitz (incl. coffee break)

Tuincentrum Daniels was created in 1983 by Wiel and Marleen Daniëls with the sale of plants and asparagus in the garage of their house. Over the years greenhouses and sheds were built and in 2007 they build completely new and added more square meters in 2018. Nowadays they have 22.000m2. In 2010 son and daughter Han and Anne joined the company.

Departure at 17.30

18.00 Plantencentrum Velden

It all started in the late nineties (1997). Due to the tomato crisis in the 90s, the company switched to a garden centre selling plants for all possible areas (indoor, (vegetable) gardens, terrace, balcony, pond). In 2007 the company was taken by the second generation and in 2012 the neighbour's nursery was added. We are offering a lot of special plants. Therefore we are also interesting for garden enthusiasts and gardeners. We notice that the customer is looking for and appreciates the help and that a lot of customers lack knowledge. Making planting plans, planting containers, helping with loading or packing, delivery etc. has proved to be a good move for us.

We have been working with biological pest control for years at our company We also sell biological pesticides and herbicides. We also often have bumblebee hives for pollination of our fruit trees and other bushes. 

Departure at 19.00

19.00 Tuincentrum Leurs (incl. dinner & music)

Garden Centre Leurs is established in 1968 and is now a third-generation family business. We believe we are a ‘unique’ Garden Centre. In their company they pay attention to each other, “we are sincere and want the best for each other. The team is a top team and together we make the difference. No mountain is too high for us, and we always think positively and ahead”.

Departure at 22.00

Back to hotel with discobus

After a 2-hour drive with our disco bus, we'll arrive at the hotel around 23:45. Dancing is mandatory.