Day 4 – Wednesday, August 30

Today we will stay in and around Amsterdam and start the day with a wonderful and relaxing 45 minutes yoga or running session as you please. After that, we have prepared a wonderful (also optional) presentation about greening the cities a very actual subject and interesting to learn how you could possibly include this in your garden centre. After that we will start the yearly general meeting followed by a lunch and an afternoon boat ride through the world-famous canals of Amsterdam. We end the day at a very nice garden centre which is completely adapted to the highly demanding Amsterdam city consumer which finds sustainability and organic produce extremely important.

8:00 Yoga or running (optional)

9.00 Presentation: Greening Cities

10.00 General meeting

12.30 Boats to Amsterdam for tours

You can grab your lunch at the hotel and take it on board. Enjoy your fresh sandwich while enjoying the boat ride to the city centre! You can pick your option of what to do in Amsterdam:

- Guided retail tours

- Discover Holland

- Visit the Rijksmuseum

Alternatively, you can make your own plan and enjoy Amsterdam!

17.30 Intratuin Amsterdam (incl. dinner)

Intratuin Amsterdam was founded long before Intratuin was developed as a retail formula. Timme Wielinga is a 4th generation Wielinga who runs the company. The company was founded in 1921 as a nursery. Over the years it has been transformed into a garden centre. In 1981 we started Intratuin with 9 other companies. In 1997 we moved to where we are now. We also have a partnership with nursing homes in the city, where we donate knowledge and plants. The employees of the nursing homes, together with the patients maintain the butterfly- and the vegetable gardens. This is a day program for patients. They also cook from the vegetable garden together with the residents.

Departure from 21.15

21:45 Back at the hotel