Day 5, September 1st

A visit to the Dutch Congress without visiting the Flower Auction and producing industry sounds impossible that s why we will start this day for the early birds at the flower auction. Not such an early bird? No stress! You can eat your heart out at Floriworld.

While driving towards the biggest greenhouse complexes of the world we will make a stop at a family-owned garden Centre that has 2 other centers in the same area. After that, we will visit one of the biggest orchid growers in the world where we will tell you all about  innovation. On our way back we will visit the Naturalis biodiversity Centre in Leiden and have dinner.

6.30 Flower Auction (optional for early birds)

8.30 Departure from hotel

9.15 Kinderdijk

11.00 Floriworld

Do you love flowers and plants? Come to FloriWorld and experience the magic of real and virtual flowers! This interactive, immersive experience lets you explore the world of flowers and plants and discover their impact on your daily life. On arrival, you receive a bracelet you can use to fully personalise your experience. Do you love yellow tulips, or are you into pink lilies? See your favourite flowers pop up everywhere, even as wallpaper in a traditional Amsterdam canal house! But there is so much more to see and to do during your journey.

13.00 De Bosrand Oegstgeest

In 1980, Koos van Haaster and his childhood friend started a nursery on a piece of bulb land in Wassenaar near The Hague. A greenhouse was built, and a name was quickly found; De Bosrand, (literally: the edge of the forest) matching the location of the nursery on the edge of the forest. Nowadays they have 5 garden centres, 2 wholesale companies and own nurseries. They are a real family business with their parents and six children in the company. 

Afternoon tbd

15:30 Naturalis Biodiversity Center Leiden

18:00 Dinner

Garden Connect Karaoke Night

Garden Connect welcomes you to celebrate its' 20th anniversary during the Garden Connect Karaoke Night.